Mylands Natural Bees Wax Furniture Polish

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Mylands Natural Bees Wax Furniture Polish

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Mylands Natural Clear Bees Wax Furniture Polish

Mylands Wax contains pure beeswax and finest carnuba wax and is silicone free.

It will feed and revitalise all wooden surfaces including antiques, modern furniture, doors, staircases and wood panelling.

It also gives a wonderful patina to new and stripped pine.

Mylands Wax was originally formulated over 100 years ago for furniture and antique restorers and has been used by them ever since. 

1) "If necessary", remove old waxes and dirt with Mylands Furniture Cleaner.
2) On polished surfaces apply Mylands Wax sparingly and buff quickly with a dry cloth.
3) Mylands Wax on pine furniture (unpolished) can be applied evenly and buffed after 15 minutes for increased shine.

Additional applications of Mylands Wax gives increased shine and protection.

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